About Us

Crawford Industries Pty Ltd. commenced business in May 1974 when involved in residential property maintenance and development. During the credit squeeze of 1974 when work was scarce we were lucky to be introduced to the Hilton Hotel chain who gave us work to complete at their Sydney Hotel and there after ongoing fit out works. This lead to bigger and better things and we worked for many major Companies such as AMP carrying out commercial fit out works whilst redeveloping properties in Pyrmont (on the CBD fringe of Sydney) where our factory was located.

In 1984 a union official gave us an ultimatum for our workers to join up or ship out so we chose to sell the operating business and collect buildings as they don’t join unions, want holiday loadings and they work for you every day of the week!

This move left time for our consulting business to commence and we have assisted many major Companies and their Directors in making considered choices for their Business and Property requirements. Our experience in the restaurant and catering field dates back to 1981 when we partnered in the operation of a 200 seat coffee shop in the CBD of Sydney. From there we grew to assist many operators over the years with their business problems and real estate choices.

We have recently been involved assisting in Catering, Food Manufacture and Production, Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Investment, together with a very successful operator in the Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Dredging and Dewatering Industry for the mining sector.